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Monday, April 12, 2010


I worked all day again :) and I didn't eat any of my cafes food! This is a major first. I usually always give in a steal a muffin or something, but I didn't :) during my lunch break I went and got a 6 inch vegie delight sub from subway. I wish I hadn't, but it's only around 200 cal and I resist from getting buger king or MacDonalds so I don't feel too bad. But I dint end up going to the gym :( oh well I'll just go hard out tomorrow. Tonight my friends are coming over and I'm having a movie night/sleepover. I've told them that we are making pizzas. This is hood because I can get away with only making half a pizza and then only eating half of that. Yay.


that is what I was meant to post last night, but my friend jaz came into my room so I had to quickly put I iPod touch down and tbh I forgot about this post.

We didn't end up making pizzas like I wanted...
We were out getting movies when one of my friends suggested that we get MacDonalds because it would be easier than going to the supermarket and getting stuff for pizzas as I was running low in food at home. Of course everyone thought it was a GREAT idea, apart from me. Then at macdonalds I had a moment of insanety. Insted if getting a hambuger, small frys and a water like I should have, I got a hambuger, medium frys and a small frozen coke! Argh I totally just stop using my brain. Fuck.
This means two hours at the gym tonight. Plus I'm doing like 4 hours of dancing today :) as long as I eat under 600 cal, I'll be sweet,
I want tomorrow to hurry up. It's pay day and it's gonna be awesome. It means I go can shopping and go to ballet this weekend :)

Stay Strong, Stay Thin.


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  1. don't worry about the one day.. just get it under control tomorrow and don't let it get to you. we all have those days with our friends. ;]

    hang in there!