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Monday, September 6, 2010

Vodka is a bitch

This weekend was..... Wow. Let's just say I'm grounded and had the worst hangover I've ever had. 

Saturday - I worked all day and had a sandwich and a caramel slice. Whilst getting ready for my friends leaving party i ate around 10 chips and 3 slices of garlic bread. We were all getting ready at my friends house so I showered there. I had a massive urge whilst showering to get all the food out of my stomach. It was almost as if i didn't yet it out it would rot and my stomach and kill me. It made me look so fat. So I vomited in her shower. I got almost all the food i had eaten that day out. I could even see the veggies from my sandwich come up. But her shower drain blocked and I couldn't get it all down. So I had to scope most of it out and finally the drain started working again. But if her shower clogs anytime soon, it's totaly my fault!
Then we had like 5 minutes to drink our vodka before we left. Everyone had 2 shots but I had 5. Then I had a vodka and sprite. On the way to the party I had half a bottle of wine before I dropped it and it smashed. I'm so glad it did though. After that it just got worse. I TOLD MY FRIENDS I WAS BULIMIC. Who the fuck does that? I'm so angry I even let the thought of saying that come to my mind. As you can probley tell, I was so smashed. Later at the party I started throwing up so my friends took me outside. I then proceeded to stick my fingers down my throat and make myself throw up. My friends tryed to stop me and were horrified but I just told them 'don't worry it's all good. I do this all the time'. 
I must have been supppppeeerrrrrrrr smashed. So my friend J rang my mum and told her to come pick me up. She apparently then told my mum that I was bulimic! Thankfully my mum hasn't questioned me about it yet. Neither have my friends, but they haven't had a chance to privatly talk to me. 

Sunday - one of the worst days of my life. I was meant to be at work at 7.30am. That was so not happening. I couldn't hold anything down, not even water, it wasn't till around 3pm that I finaly had a glass of coke and it didn't come back up. This was the worst hangover I've ever had. I felt like I couldn't move, talk or breathe. My throat was so sore from throwing up and it still is now. 

Today I wasn't feeling the best so I didn't go to school. My intake today was pretty shit:
- two crumpets with golden syrup 200 cal
- one serving of dorrtios 140 cal
- two sandwichs with cheese, tomato and lettuce ??? Cal's 

Tomorrow will be better. It's my friends 19th so i'm gonna make cupcakes. I'll have to eat one. Then after school I will gym and I have a dance assesment at school which will burn some cal's.

I need to get thin soon. For the rest of the week I will restrict as much as possible and blog every day. Promise.


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