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Friday, August 27, 2010

Let's all forget about yesterday

I didn't feel worthy of talking to you girls. Hence the reason I've been sucking at blogging. But I'm feeling better today. 
Yesterday however was extremley fucked up. Firstly I hadn't lost any weight so I ate breakfast :( then at school I got told I found out I fucked up my singing assesment to much so I didn't pass and that I also failed my two history assignments. Thankfully I can re do my history but I only have a week I have absoultly no time. I was so upset after talking to my history teacher so I went and sat in my car and cryed and cryed and cryed. Then I thought fuck it so I binged on:
- half a subway wrap ( veggie delight )
- one subway cookie
- medium McDonalds chips with sweet and sour sauce
- small veggie pizza from pizza hut

Fatty much?
So of coure I went home and purged. But it was werid this time. It was really hard to get it all up. It seemed to get stuck in my throat and it hurt. It has never been like this. I know I didn't get it all out but I did get most of it. 
I wasn't going to eat for the rest if the night but then my mum made me eat. It ws a choice between sushi or hot chips. I chose sushi but it made me feel sick. But I couldn't purge again. 

I've been exercising pretty well lately. I did a NYC ballet company workout DVD yesterday. I don't have anytime to do any today as I have an insane amount of homework to do plus I have work in an hour. 

So far today i've had:
- two mini baby bagels 160 cal
- one crumpet with golden syrup 100 cal

I'm not planning to eat anything else but I usually cave at work, but tonight I'll try to stay strong. I do feel thinner today but I'll wait till Monday morning to weigh myself. 

Stay Strong, Stay Thin.


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  1. don't worry too much over your mistakes. we all make them. just remember tomorrow is a new day and we are always here for support.
    stay lovely
    ♥ idil