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Thursday, October 6, 2011

2nd post today...

I'm bored at work, hence my 2nd post.

Two things:
1) I went out for lunch with my dad today and he said that my face was looking thinner :)
2) After we finished, he said 'You didn't eat much did you?'. I said "No I ate heaps". Realised that that I didnt actually eat much at all.

Thin for the win!

Intake today:
-Trim Hot chocolate
- Orange and date scone
- Diet coke
-Indian for lunch (little bit of nann bread, rice, mixed veggies.

Planned intake for tonight:
- Diet coke
- Trim hot chocolate

No exercise today :( I over slept my alarm this morning and got in to work late. Not that anyone actually noticed. My last day and everyone that I work with except for one person has taken the day off. Fuck them. Actually they gave me a $50 mall voucher yesterday so I'm not complaining :) When my mum left after being here for 4 years she got nothing. I've only been here for 10 months.

Then I'm working at my 2nd job tonight. Mehhhhhh. So no exercise.

But tomorrow I will do extra workouts. 1 hour dancing practice, 30 minutes bike, 30 minutes core workout, stretching. I don't have much free time tomorrow so thats all I can fit in. Oh and under 600 cal of course :)

The weather is amazing here in Auckland today. I want to go to the beach so bad! Which actually makes me want to not eat anything and run my fat butt off. Need to get bikin ready. asap.


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