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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I just want to be thin

So I came home from school today and had
ice cream - 200 cal
half a fafael wrap ( I so wanted the other half) - 150
coke zero - 2 cal

woah fail much? Haven't done any exercise yet. I'm going out with my mum soon so I'll do maybe a little bit if dancing practice and some sit ups and stuff.

Today I booked my hair and make up for my school ball :) it's at this real fancy amazing place. But I'm annoyed cause one if my friends went and booked it there as well. She only did it cause I told her I was. She's gonna complain about how much it was later cause she always spends her money in food and always complains about how she has no money and how she sucks at saving. Oh and she is the least classy person I know. She totaly won't fit in. Hahah I'm such a bad friend. But god she's annoying.

Tomorrow it's 30 days till my ball. 30 days to drop 23 pounds. So I'm gonna have a plan. I'll post it up later.

I feel fat :( so so fat.

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