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Friday, June 4, 2010

Losing, slowly :)

I've lost 2 pounds :) so I'm currently 121!

Intake today:
trim mocha
one small semi healthy meal from wagamamas
half a slice of chocolate cake

running for my ferry
running for my train
running again for my ferry
I had planned to do an hour of dancing and an hour at the gym so i set my alarm for 7. I woke up at 9. Ran out the door to met my friend at the gym at 9.20. My car wouldn't start. Not a good start to the day. Then we almost missed both our ferrys and one of our trains. Then when we were out shopping I got my period and insanely bad cramps. I was like shaking and sweating and in so much pain. It was so horrible. But I brought my ball dress today!!!!! It's long, red and one shoulder. Apparently it makes me look real thin :) I love it so much and it was exactly what I was looking for. I shall post some pictures of it soon!

My ex S text me today. We are both dancers but we live in different towns. There is a competition this weekend in another town and we were both going to go.
He text he today saying 'are you going to the comp tomorrow?'.
I said ' nah cause my mum and dancing teacher won't drive me down'
he replied ' :( I was only going cause you were! And now you arn't.'
I was like woah! Last time I saw you, you hardley even spoke to me!
I text back saying 'aww sorry. I did really want to go! I'll see you at champs though?'
he repiled 'oh ok. Yea sure haha'
end of convosation. Boys! Who needs them?!

Tomorrow I'll do mabe an hour or two at the gym, plus an hour or more of dancing. Eating wise, only with family and only healthy. But not to much!
I have a friends 18th tomorrow night. It's a party at hers. I'm just gonna ignore the caliories from the drinks. I need to get wasted.

Hope you all had an amazing day!

Stay Strong, Stay Thin.


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