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Saturday, July 31, 2010


So tonight was interesting... 
I made myself throw up for the first time...
It was my friend V's birthday so we all went out to a Japanese restaurant for dinner. It was tepenaki which is where they cook your meal in front of you and make it into a show at the same time. I had planned to just have a salad and some rice but it turns out there was a set meal. As each dish came out I couldn't stop thinking about how fat I was going to get and how many calories everything contained. By dessert (which I didn't eat) I couldn't take it so I went to the bathroom. 
It wasn't hard, it took a few trys but it all came up easy as. I would have kept going but my friend A came into the bathroom so I had to stop. I'm glad I did it though. I'm so fucken obese I'll do anything. I NEED to be thin. If I ever binge again I know what I'm doing.

Sorry I havnt been blogging lately. I've been so busy with school. 13 weeks till I'm done! Forever! Fuck I can't wait. So over high school and it's stupid gossip and bitchyness. 

Anyway update on my life:
Last weekend I went to an 18th birthday party and I got super drunk as I had hardely eaten anything all day (being drunk is the only way to have fun these days). I shared a ciggy with this guy from my school and we ened up fucking in the dirt behind a shed! So much fun... Untill the bouncers found us. Talk about wanting to die of shame. Oh well I'm a teenager, livin wild is what I like to do hahah. But he didn't use a condom even though I had on one me. So I went to go get the morning after pill but my local family planning was closed. So I went and got it the day after. The rest of the week kinda flew past in a blur. I have so many assignments this week so don't worry if i'm not blogging, it's just I will be sucked in to the deep black hole which is school work. But i plan on going wild next weekend. I'm trying to find an I'd so I can go to town!!! Wooohoooo gonna party hard and have random club sex yeahhhhh hahah.

I hope life is treating you all well.


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