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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Goodbye 2009

My last post of 2009...........

Omg this has gone by do fast. This time last year I had put on so much weight. Then in September I got down to 108 and now I'm at 117. Argh scary!!!! But by the end of januray I will be down to 110 at the most.

Tomorrow I'm going away with my family on holiday and I won't be able to blog, read blogs, look at thinspo on the web, read tips on the web or look up diet tips until the 4th. So I've saved lots of thinspo photos to my iPod touch and written some notes with quotes, tips, ticks and inspiration. I hope it's enough. But I'm going to be with all my family and extends family and everyone is overweight! It's going to be so hard to say no when I am sure they will be offering me carbs and fat the whole time.

'everytime you say 'no thanks' to food, you say 'yes please' to thin'

So my plan for if I am hungry is to drink water, look at my thinspo, read my inspiration and then decied if I really need food or not.

I wanted to weigh myself today but I was to scared as I kinda ate wayyy too much this last week. Actully the last three days including today have been alright, but it still feels like to much.
Today I ate
1 protein bar - 180 cal
8 small peices cucumber sushi - ?????
2 peices coconut ice- ?????
4 small chocolates!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I get back from my trip I will weigh 117 or less. Then the real weight loss can begin! It's just these last two or so weeks have been really bad. Atleast now I'm smarter and have a few tricks under my hat!

Next year I will post a photo of my fat self (which will motivate me to not eat while away!) and I will post my new years resolution and my plans for 2010.

Just quickely, does anyone have any thoughts on the ABC diet? I'm keen to try it if it works.

Live up the last few days of 2009 whilst you can. Hope you all have a fabulous start of 2010!

Stay strong.

'Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels'

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