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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hey soul sister

Okay. I think i'm slowly coming back. This is good. I can do this.
Last night i went out to a Thai restaurant with my family. I had vege spring rolls, Tofu with basil and a hot fudge cake with chocolate sauce. Yeahhhh i know it's bad bad bad but when i was was looking at the meun i thought, 'fuck this. Im going to eat what i want. One last time. A goodbye meal'.

Fast forward to today.
I went to the gym this morning, but i didnt even end up sweating :(. But it's alright cause im going again in an hour. Im gonna do a 15 minute fast run and then a 'bodycombat' (like kickboxing/boxing/aerobics) class. Then tonight me and my friends are going to the lantan festivel in the city. It's so much fun.

Food Intake
5 bites of an apple
2 handfuls of chips
plus whatever i buy for dinner (it will be something asian, from the stalls at the lanatn festivel)
Dr Pepper

Not bad for getting back into the swing of it. Plus 2 hours at the gym!

I feel so bad telling you this but, im 118. Kill me. But i have a good feeling about this time.

Ive been reading everyones blogs, but im sorry i havent commented! Im gonna do that soon :)

I love Gwen. She's thin but not ana thin. But she doesnt have any fat on her body. If i cant get to be uber thin, then i want to have muscles like Gwen.

Stay Strong, Stay Thin.


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