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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I can float, sky high

Haven't eaten anything today.
I've had about 5 coffees, a milk shake and water!
Yaya for control!
Maybe I should do this more often!
I feel like I'm floating....

Today at school, I had 4 people comment on how thin I looked! Well I am 8 pounds lighter than last time they saw me. I just told them 'oh I've just been going to the gym alot and training hard fir my dancing'. They totaly belived it. But I still plan on getting wayyy thinner! I didn't weight myself today. But I will tomorrow. I better be lower than 114.5, otherwise I'm fasting on Friday. I might anyway...

After some thinking today, I have decied not to continue with the ABC diet. I have realised that it just doesn't fit my lifestyle. It would be so much easyier to restrict (at least under 600 everyday) and fast when ever I can. This way I control how much I eat everyday and what days I will be not around my parents so I can fast.

Didn't get any exercise done today :( after school (it only went for half an hour) my friend Jaz came round to mine and we went to the beach and I couldn't blow her off as she was locked out of her house. Then I had work. So I had no time. Tomorrow I have a dancing lesson and i might go to the gum beforehand. I'll see how my day goes. But Friday I'm going to go SO hard out, I'm going to sweat so much!!!!
I'm booking my restricted tomorrow! It means I will be able to drive by myself! When I get it, it will become so much easyier to get to the gym and will have so much more time to spend at the gym. I will even be able to go before school!!! I'm so excited.

So my first full day at school tomorrow as a senior! Gahh I'm so excited!!!!

Hope everyones diets are going amazingly well!

Also, YAY 6 followers! Thank you girls! Just the fact that you follow my blog makes me so happy and want to work so much harder! Together we can do this!

Stay Strong, Stay Thin.


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