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Thursday, February 4, 2010

School can make me thin

First full day of school today.
I didn't eat anything all day.
After school I had a chocolate milkshake, a strawberry and chocolate muffin and 3 small cookies.
Drank water all day.
I don't feel bad for eating heaps though as I had just fasted for over 48 hours. Amazing.
Plus I had dancing and I kinda needed food to wake me up.
Tomorrow my mum isn't going to work so I'll have to eat a couple if slices of watermelon, pretend that I brought food at school and that I will have dinner at work.
Basically I'm going to fast. I'm so excited!
And I don't start school till 10 am tomorrow. Yay for my first ever study period!
Being a senior is mint. I love it.
Best if all, my year us already starting to get really busy. When it's busy I don't think about food.
I just cane up with a new rule. I can only weight myself every second day.
Gym tomorrow after school! It's my last week at my gym, as I'm moving to a different one, les mills.

Stay Strong, Stay Thin.


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