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Sunday, March 14, 2010


The reason i didnt post during the weekend, is because i was in such a shitty mood and so busy that i was eating horribly. I just didnt want to face up to what i actully ate.

Anyway Friday night i worked till 1.30am. It was an 18th birthday party and there was so many hot, drunken guys. I was in charge of the bar so i was giving out free or half price drinks to all the hotties :) But there was heaps of corn chips and potato chips and so i pigged out. I only did it because i was so tired and i had to keep myself awake. Grrrrr i was so mad at myself. But i had gone to the gym that morning so its not all bad.

Saturday i had a dancing compition. I didnt eat much all day yay! But i didnt do as well as i hoped. two 1st's, three 2nd's and one 3rd. I just wasnt focused at all. But i got runner up in my age group. But its still not good enough. Im a really compeditive person btw and i hate losing. That night again i was uber tired when i got home i ate a fair bit. But i was just so over everything that i didnt care.

Sunday morning i did a dance workshop with Lady Gaga's dancers!!!! It was amazing, although not as hardcore as i had hoped :( On the subject of Gaga, did you see her body in her 'Telephone' video? Wowa. She is thin! I love her even more now :)
Then Sunday afternoo i had school show practice. We are doing 'Fiddler on the roof'. Its an alright musical, nothing like 'Wicked' though! But half the people didnt even turn up and we were there for 5 hours. Fml. It totally killed me.
But later that night i started going really hot, i was shakey, i could walk proply, i was having trouble thinking right and i was dizzy as. It fricken scared me! I have no idea what it was.

Today i went to the gym this morning :) and i have dance practice. But i also have an insane amout of homework to do, so im gonna finisht this up now.

Food today
Starbucks Grande caramal machiccato with non fat milk - 190 cal
2 rice wafers - 76 cal
1 small tomato - 25
1 Protein shake (with non fat milk) - 150
Total = 441 cal.

I just realised that most of my high cal foods are drinks. From today until the 26th of march, i will not drink any drink that has over 50 cal (apart from my protein shake).

I was gonna uplaod some photos from the workshop with Gagas dancers, but blogger wont let me :(

Hope you skinnys all had wonderful days!

Stay Strong, Stay Thin.


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