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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Imma be modeling

My friend Liz works at a clothes store and is orgianzing a fashion show for the charity oxfam. It's on march 24th. And she wants me to model in it.....

So this really gives me a deadline. I have till the 24th of march, 13 days away, to get as thin as possible. I can see several fasts coming up and many many many hours spent at the gym.

Because no wants to see a fat hufalump struting down a catwalk do they? I already have a kick ass walk, so I need to make myself look as model like as I can. I haven't done a fashion show in almost two years! I used to do my school fashion show every year, with the most walks :), but I couldn't do it last year cause I was in America! (virigina to be exact- it's so pretty!)

Any tips on how to lose alot of weight in 13 days? Apart from not eating and exercising my butt off haha. Cause I will be doing those anyway!

Stay Strong, Stay Thin.



  1. I don't really have any miracle suggestions for you, but good luck! That's really exciting :] Do you know what you're going to wear yet, or ate you doing multiple walks?

  2. sounds fun! i'm sure you'll be superrrr skinnyyyyy by the time of the fashion show! i have a photoshoot in may that i really have to lose some weight for. so we can do it together! stay strong!