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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I can do that

I planned to fast.

Again fail.

Chocolate browine - 300
fried rice - around 150
chocolate - 180


My parents are going away tomorrow for three nights.
Should I fast? I really want to. You know what I think I will. There won't be anyone here to tell me what to eat! Hell yes! Ok that's a plan. A good plan. Then Friday night me and my friends are going out for dinner then to a party. I'm thinking we might go get sushi or if not I will stay under 300 cal. Saturday I have a dancing comp so I have to eat :( then that night I'm having drinks so that's a major cal intake. Sunday I won't ear anything until dinner. This is a great plan!

I will stay strong this time. I'm sick of being fat. I look at food and I hate it so much. It just seems gross. Fat is gross. I want to starve myself like I did at the start of the year. It worked so well.

Life is just wayyyy to syressful atm which makes me want to eat. I have school show practice, orginazing stage challenge, school work, dancing and work. And to make it worse, I just list my planner. I actully can't live without it. I have no idea what classes I have tomorrow. Fuckkk.

Night my loves.

Stay Strong, Stay Thin.


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  1. fasting... great idea. you're gonna get so thin thin thin! =]

    about the whole dance competition thing... see i have issues about eating. i tend to binge on competition days. BAD idea. don't do that. i either don't eat like... at all. or i eat non stop. neither one is good considering i either look like a fat lard butt in my costumes or i have no energy and practically pass out on stage. what i usually do is the morning of the competition i have a fruit smoothie (usually strawberry banana) and sometimes a small breakfast thing like a small muffin or banana nut bread or something. i normally wouldn't eat this because i can't do that to myself, but for competitions, i need the energy. then i usually don't eat again until everyone from the studio goes out to eat after the competition or if i do eat, it's something like subway or quizno's or something. or a salad. something really healthy. hope that helps. =]

    stay strong, hang in there! you're going to do great. good luck with your competition, btw! =]