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Friday, March 5, 2010

Real life thinspo

So much to say but so little time! I'm still sick and I ended up going to school today. I'm working like all weekend :( But it should keep me busy yay! Planning a fast for Sunday and Monday. No time for gym or ballet this weekend :(

So there's this girl in the year below me at school and she has been diaganosed with Anorexia. I think she looks amazing and I love how she is all bones. Is that sick and wrong? Everyone at work tonight was like eww she looks so gross, she needs help. I want to be as thin as her, but I'm not keen on developing anorexia. She's so skinny that she has no been dropped by her modling agency. But I think she looks amazing.

Planning on having only this tomorrow
Protien shake
another fruit
a muffin from work
plus coffee that I make (I'm the Batista at work!)

Then Sunday fast!!!! Plus I get to see B (the ana girl) on Sunday. Real life thinspo right there!

Having my car and bring able to drive is going to make me fat. It's so hard not to go drive through at MacDonalds or just drive to the suppermarket. At lunch, all my friends want me to drive them to get food. But I'm going to say no now cause I always eat when we go out. I'll just tell my friends that I'm saving my petrol. Also Ive told them that they can't let me buy food because I'm saving.

Next week is going to be great. I just know it will be.
Posting from my iPod touch again so a more detailed post will be coming when I can get on my computer when my parents arn't home. So much more to tell you all!

Stay Strong, Stay Thin.


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