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Friday, May 7, 2010

Help! 11 week diet

I'm thinking about doing an 11 week diet That i found on PT insted of skinny girl diet. Whata you guys think???
These are the rules
Updates: We've decided on 0-4-6-8-6-4-2 starting Sunday with a fast. Restricted foods include:
-ALL fast food
-ALL italian food and ALL chinese food
-most carbs
- fried food (as much as possible)
- chips of any kind
- any sodas besides diet
- french fries
- pop tarts

Punishments for going over are running a mile and a minute in a cold shower for ever 100 you go over.

Weigh ins once a week, on Sunday morning. Everyone participating must check in once a day unless they have a valid excuse. Post everything you consumed and the total calories as well as how much you exercised/how you feel/whatever else you want to share.

Here's the link. 

yes? No? Ever done anything like this??

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