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I used to be thin. I used to like my body. Not anymore. Emily. 18. I live to dance. Currently in New Zealand but planning on getting out shortly. Come join me on my journey to perfection. CW: 116 HW: 124 LW: 108 GW 1: 110 GW 2: 105 GW 3: 100 UGW: 95... for now.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Intake today:
small bowl of pasta - 240
bread - 70
cherrios - 160
total - 470.

2 hours dance practice

Not bad. Considering in surrounded by chocolate all day. So far I've eaten about $60. So gross. Stupid chocolate fundrasing. I nearly caved though. But I didn't. Today is a fresh start. But I'm sick. Fucken colds. This is not what I need.

I can't be fat anymore. 5 weeks untill my ball. 5 weeks to drop 20 pounds. I can do this.


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