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Monday, August 22, 2011

It's a better day, so just smile :)

Hello my lovey Lady's!

Hope your days are all going well?
Today has been a better day for me.

So far I went to the gym this morning (over slept my alarm AGAIN! But i still made it there in time for a short workout). Did 20 minutes on the bike (Burned -190 cal), leg weights and 5 minutes of ab's. Tomorrow I'm going at night so there's nothing stopping me from doing a proper workout.

Had a dance lesson last night (at the moment they are almost always private lesson which means its a lot harder!) and my shins freaken started hurting again.


But it was a good workout (-300 cals). After not doing any dancing for a month, my muscles are feeling super weird today.Which is why i hate taking breaks :(

In happier news, I should be able to run again in two months! In my right ankle I currently have a torn ligament, bruised bone, tiny fracture in the bone, and extra fluid within one of my ankle bones. My left ankle is sprained (and hurts like a bitch when i dance) and my big toe on my left foot is sprained (but almost healed!). But if my shin splints don't die very shortly, I'm going to have to wait a lot longer than 2 months to go for a run.

Intake today:
1/2 a pear - 40cal
Carrot soup - 200cal (rounding it up)
Caramel slice - 300cal (rounding it up)
Diet coke - 1cal :)

Total: 541

I'm not going to have anything else today. I'm feeling satisfied right now (although i didn't need that slice, not at all). I do have to go to work at my cinema job tonight and it's kinda easy to not eat there as everything is just junkjunkjunk. I always end up having a trim hot chocolate though. Just because I get so cold and i love chocolate milk.

I didn't weigh myself today and i doubt i will till Friday.
It is actually one of the most terrifying things to do.
I really do need to start weighing myself everyday though.

As long as i can look good for when I go out this weekend, Ill be happy. If i look the slightest bit fat, I am getting super trashed. Good plan!!

Stay Strong.

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