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Friday, August 12, 2011

On the bike at the gym :)

Good afternoon everyone!

Im currently at the gym on the bike on my iPhone, so please excuse any spelling/grammar errors!

Yesterday was alright, but my night didn't go as planned.

At lunch I couldn't decide on what to eat so I ended up walking around my town for 45 minutes. Finally I ended up at a food court. I got a veggie curry combo which comes with rice, naan bread and a drink so I had a diet coke.
I ate only half the rice, 3/4 of the naan bread, half the sauce from the curry, none of the veggies. So not too bad.
Around 3pm I had a chocolate chip cookie. I wasn't going to eat anything else and I went to work and didn't gave anything there! (this is my 2nd job at a cinema, so it's surrounded in fat food).

I got home and my bff called me in tears. She had been out to dinner with her parents and they got really drunk. Her dad managed to put a hole through a door and got in a fight. Her mum was just screaming at ransoms yelling out 'my daughter is a whore!'. So she came round to mine and we ended up having a few glasses of wine and watching Harry potter 5. Then we had some brownie. Mutha fucken brownie. I had 2 small slices :(

Anyway this morning I has a bagel and a black coffee for breakfast. So I'm not going to have anything else for the rest of the day. But we are going out clubbing tonight so I'm most likely going to get super drunk, so I cam purge if I eat anything and no one will ask questions :)

Ahhhh fuck, shins so super sore right now and I'm sweating like a pig. Its gross, but being fat is worse!

No idea what my weight is but I'll weight myself on Monday.

Stay strong.

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  1. I know how hard it is trying to have self control when your trying to console a friend and make her as comfortable as possible.
    You have such commitment though, even exercising through the pain! You are an inspiration, sweetie. I hope you have a wonderful time tonight.
    -Stay Strong, but have fun too:)