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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No Exercise = Crazy Emaily

No gym again today.
I'm finding myself fantasising about what workouts to do.....

I think I'm going crazy!

I ended up sharing 1/2 a small packet of m&m with my bff at work last night.
I was so angry because I kept on making shitty coffees. My god, they tasted so bitter and I couldn't understand why so I started freaking out (making a good coffee is like my 'thing'). I'm going to blame it one the beans. Yeah good job Emily, always blaming something else.

My bff stayed over at house last night so I couldn't get any sneaky exercise done and I had to skip on the gym this morning. I was going to do a massive workout tonight but they were a person short at my cinema so I said I would take the shift. (I'm in desperate need of money!)

My dad took me out for lunch today. I had a tofu curry. Didn't eat any of the tofu or veggies. Just rice and sauce. No idea how many calories. I hate not knowing. It makes me feel like I have no control of anything. So because of that, no more food for the rest of the day.
Just water, diet coke and an iced tea (95 cal).

I'll do a miniature work out when I get home home work tonight.
100 crunches.
3 minutes of squats
3x 1 minute planks
3 minutes of leg lifts
plus stretching.

Then tomorrow morning, GYM :) I'm gonna sass that gym session so hard.

Im thinking of doing a liquid diet on Friday and Saturday day. But eating something before I go out on Saturday night. Just light cheese and crackers.


Right. Going to go get a diet coke. yay.


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  1. Great job on keeping your control and limiting your intake after that lunch! After that I think I would have just given up. And you're so inspiring. I never keep on my exercising schedules. Hope everything goes well with your weekend:)

    -Stay inspiring, I believe in you :)
    Mona xox.