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Monday, August 15, 2011

This fucken cold can go die in a hole.

Holy Hippogriffs.
I feel like i have been run over by a train. My throat is inflamed and so sore, my nose is all blocked up, I have a splitting headache and my body is aching all over. It's so cold here in Auckland (it actually snowed here in Auckland yesterday! It hasn't done that in like 50 years) but my body is so hot, its like I'm surrounded by 20 heaters. I cant concentrate. Ive been at work for 4 hours and all I've done is book 3 flights. I swear it feels like I'm on drugs. But i have no appetite at all, so i suppose there is one up side to being sick.

But i just finally got over a cold last week and now I'm sick again? Unfair. I can never workout as well as i want to when I'm sick.

Didn't gym this morning because i fell straight back asleep after i turned my alarm off. I'm going to blame it on me being sick. I will go tonight though, no matter how i feel.

I didn't weigh myself this morning either :( I was running wayy too late for work. But I will tomorrow morning.

My mum gave me a whole lot of carrot sticks to take to work today :) I do love her a lot sometimes! I was planning to just have those and liquid (green tea,water, diet coke) for the rest of the day but now I'm meeting up with my bff at lunch time so I have no idea if she will want to get lunch or not. I suppose I should eat something to fight the cold, but i really don't want too.

I'm going out for dinner tomorrow night so no food for me during the day tomorrow. I love knowing ahead of time when I will be eating so I can plan my meals around that.

Nothing else interesting is going on :( Except I didn't get a job that i applied for. But I'm actually quite glad I didn't because that means I can go to New York for Christmas and New Years! Yayayaya!!! I'm so excited. My contract at my current job ends at the start of October. I'm trying to get a job in a bar or something at the moment, which would be great because we have the rugby world cup coming very shortly! Ive emailed two nightclubs and I'm going to go into a bar tomorrow and talk to the manager. Money=My life :)

Hope you are all feeling better than I am right now! (Tbh the room is spinning and it's taken me wayy to long to write this!)

Stay Strong.

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