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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just talk yourself up and tear yourself down

Grrr. My pictures wont upload! I finally have time to put up photos of myself and blogger wont let me. Well thanks very much.

I haven't posted in a while as i wasn't feeling well this weekend and i had like no privacy to post. God i need my own computer. So I'll fill you in on whats been happening.....
OMFG. Maybe the most amazing day of my life. The big day out (it's a music festival). Muse, Lily Allen, Dizzie Rascal, Jet, The Mars Volta, Powderfinger, Lady Hawk, PnC, Calvin Harris plus more! I was hardcore sweating all day which was good as i eating so much that day. I didn't even put on a pound :)
The weekend
I was feeling really sick and tired and i was with my family the whole time so i had to eat. I didn't binge though, but i did 'controlled eating'. But i still ate way more than i normally do.

Last night my mum said that my knees are getting thinner. I was like thanks but wtf my knees? I honestly don't think they are but whatevs.

Today i have eaten
1 apple 60 cal
2 slices of bread 120 cal
10 cashew nuts?????? Don't even want to know how many cal.
and I'm going to stop there. Not as good as i wanted but it will do.

Exercise for today
I did an hour at the gym -350ish cal
Tonight i have an hour dancing lesson -400ish cal.

I will weight myself tomorrow morning and hopefully post the pictures of myself. Be prepared to be horrified!

School starts again for me in just over two weeks. I need to be thin by then. I want everyone to be like 'wow Emily's lost weight. She looks awesome!' etc. I just want to go back to school feeling like i can do anything. All i want is to have the gap between my thighs and to be able to see my rib bones. When i can, i will be so happy. My stomach is growling for food but i must control it, it cant conrol me.

Sucess is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.

Remember that quote. I love it.

Stay Strong, Stay Thin.


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