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Saturday, January 9, 2010

You build me up, you break me down

Friday i ate. I would have been on 300 cal but at work my boss gave me an ice cream (359 cal) and its one of the really good ones and everyone else was watching so had to eat it.

Yesterday i had a tomato sandwich and some roast veges. But i had dessert as well :( When my parents are home its like they force me to eat. I hate it!

Today my dad made pancakes for breakfast and I wasn't allowed to leave the table until I had eaten three. So I did. But i'm just not eating anything for the rest of the day. Except for three chips this afternoon when my group is having drinks and hot chips on the beach.

I found a website where you tell them your CW, height, age and GW and the amount of time you have to lose weight . They tell you how many calories to eat each day. So this is my plan;
WEEK ONE: 300 cal a day
WEEK TWO: 380 cal a day
WEEK THREE: 300 cal day
But I'm going to do week one a bit differently.
MON: fast
TUES: small bowl of pasta
WED: one taco ( vege)
THUR: fast
FRI: it's the big day out (music festival) so I know there won't be any low cal food there and you arn't allowed to take food in so I'm just not going to eat much. But it will be impossible to eat under 300 cal.
Plus gym everyday. I just want to be thinish by the time school goes back.

I can't find the website but when I do I shall post it here.

Stay Strong.


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