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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I hate spiders.

Missed my bus because I found a spider on my bag when I was about to leave to go to the gym.
I froze, started crying and freaking out. I can't deal with spiders. I couldn't work out how to kill it and that freaked me out even more.
Ran, grabed the fly spray and sprayed it.
I hate spiders.
So I missed my bus which means no gym, unless I wanna do a 20 minute workout? Nah I'm just gonna go hard out tomorrow.
Ballet is in just over and hour.
Gota find something to do for half an hour now.
I might finish cleaning my room. Burn some cal.

Whilst walking home from the bus stop, I went into my dairy to buy some gum.
I walked out with an ice cream and a chocolate.
Ate two bites of the ice cream.
Chucked it in the bin.
Ate two bites of the chocolate.
Chucked it in someones garden.
I still have no gum :(

Food Intake today:
- Half an apple 40 cal
- One slice bread 50 cal
- Two small falafels 100 cal
- Two biscuts 100 cal
plus the bites of chocolate and ice cream.

Not bad for today.
Not bad for how fricken emotional I am right now.
Somethings wrong with me.
I was crying all this morning. Whilst doing the ironing.

Going to a sleepover tonight. If I eat anything, then I can't eat anything tomorrow.
Gonna get a mocha with non fat milk after ballet.

I wish it was winter. I hate summer.

My thighs look huge.
I feel fat.
I am fat.

I feel like I have spiders crawling all over me.
It's creeping me out.

I NEED to fast. I think I will tomorrow.

Stay Strong, Stay Thin.


1 comment:

  1. omg where do you live i'll trade with you its definitely winter her :/
    well, as wintery as florida gets anyways... its like biting cold, plus wind chill factor, minus the snow.
    which sucks, because why have it be this cold when its not snowing?!

    i feel fat tooooo :'(